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Bring Your Pets to Our Hallandale Beach, FL,
Veterinarian for a Lifetime of Good Health

Our pets are our family. So, if we take ourselves to the doctor for routine visits, shouldn't our pets get that same care to keep them healthy? The same concept applies to when they're sick or injured. At Animal Hospital of Hallandale, serving Hallandale Beach, FL, and the general vicinity, we offer all these services to keep your pet healthy all the time and extend his or her life as much as possible.

Animal Hospital of Hallandale

Our Preventative Care

Prevention is the key to reducing the prevalence of serious health concerns in your pet in the future. In fact, it could ward off serious health problems that could cause your pet pain and suffering for a short or long time or even lead to the worst-case scenario.

With preventative care, we inform you of ways you can better take care of your pet to reduce his or her risk of certain diseases. For instance, your pet may be losing weight. On the other hand, we can perform diagnostics to detect problems early and intervene before they become problematic.

Part of our preventative care also includes vaccinations, which can protect your pet from serious illnesses. We'll help you start your pet's schedule and stay on track.

Our Sick and Injury Care

We're there for your pet when he or she is feeling under the weather, and you just want to make him or her comfortable. We perform the necessary diagnostics, listen to his or her problems, and accurately diagnose the condition. The next step is giving your pet the best treatment for the situation.

We can also help when your pet is injured. We'll perform the necessary diagnostics and then administer the proper treatments.

Our Difference

You'll see just how much we like pets when you walk through our doors. Our veterinarian and every member of our team have a passion for pets and keeping them healthy. You'll see just how much we go the distance once you visit our office.

We understand a visit to the vet can be stressful for you and your pet. That's why we strive to make it as easy for both of you as possible. We'll answer your questions and will work to keep your pooch or feline calm during the process, even if that means providing him or her with a medication to keep him or her calm.

At Animal Hospital of Hallandale, serving Hallandale, FL, and the nearby region, we're truly there in sickness and in health. And we're in it for the long haul. We encourage our families to become our lifelong patients.

Contact us today to schedule your first visit by calling (954) 458-3040.

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Javier Cepeda
    - Owner and Head Veterinarian

    Dr. Cepeda acquired the Animal Hospital of Hallandale in 2023 from Dr Barbosa and has been serving the Hallandale community since 1963. Dr Cepeda was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. He studied Animal Science at the UNIVERSIDAD LA SALLE in Bogota where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree in 1997. Licensed in the State of Florida in 2011. He is certified to issue Pet Health Certificates for international/domestic travel. Dr Cepeda main interests are internal Medicine, Surgery and Care of Senior Pet. Dr Cepeda constantly attends continuing education courses in the US and abroad. He is very passionate about new ways of pain relief on pets throught acupunture and laser. He is the proud Dad of Victoria, and pet parent of two cats named Jingles and Fendi as well as his new baby dog named Anthony. Dr Cepeda welcomes you and your pets at The Animal Hospital of Hallandale.

  • Dr.
    Joe Barbosa
    - Founder and Veterinarian Associated

    Dr. Joe Barbosa acquired the Animal Hospital of Hallandale in 1993 from Dr. Ward, and has pass the clinic to Dr. Cepeda in 2023

    Click HERE to read Dr. Joe Barbosa's biography.


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