Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

At Animal Hospital of Hallandale, we offer services that go beyond standard pet wellness services. Both our clients and non-clients of our pet medical services can take advantage of other services like our pet boarding. Read on to learn more about the benefits of boarding your pets at our facility. Note that we only accept cats and small dogs for boarding at this time and the pet should be current with all his vaccines. 


The Advantages of Pet Boarding at an Animal Hospital or Veterinary Office

We know that pet owners in and around Hallandale Beach, FL, have a lot of choices when it comes to boarding their pets, but there are some distinct advantages to choosing to board a pet at a reputable animal hospital. Such advantages include:

  • Experienced pet care: members of our veterinarian team also help facilitate pet boarding so that you rest easy knowing that a well-trained staff is watching your pet or pets. This can prove especially helpful for those pets with behavior issues like separation anxiety and reactivity as our team has the experience, knowledge, and training to handle such issues and ensure that your pet's overall wellness is ensured. 
  • Immediate medical attention:  Our staff is available to offer fast, expert medical care should an unfortunate situation arise. If you have a senior pet or a pet with a serious medical ailment that requires regular medication, our veterinarian team can ensure your pet receives the required medical attention.
  • Facilities cleaned to medical standards:  Our Hallandale Beach facility takes cleanliness standards very seriously as high standards of hygiene are necessary to prevent the spread of disease and to keep pets in optimal health. You can always expect our facilities to meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

When you book your pet for pet boarding with our team, you can also arrange for additional services. Such services include pet bathing, nail trimming, teeth and ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and routine medical care, such as vaccines.

Schedule Your Pet’s Stay at the Animal Hospital of Hallandale

Call Animal Hospital of Hallandale today at (954) 458-3040 for more information on pet boarding or to schedule your pet’s stay at our facilities. Note that we only accept cats and small dogs for boarding at this time and the pet should be current with all his vaccines.

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