Laser Surgery

Laser Surgeries

Laser surgery is the most advanced technique for declawing. If you're concerned about declawing your cat, consider the advantages of laser surgery. Lasers cut tissue with a high intensity beam of light. The laser seals the nerve endings resulting in minimal pain for your cat. Laser surgery also seals the blood vessels, which means less bleeding. There is usually no need for bandaging after surgery. Since there are no bandages, your cat can recover and be back to playing within a day or two. Laser declawing is safe for all cats, no matter their size or age. Normally, it is only necessary to perform declawing on the front paws. The rear claws cause fewer problems in the household and help your cat to defend himself should he become an outdoor cat or accidentally escape. Laser declawing will provide your cat with a lifetime of comfort and allow him to be an indoor cat without causing any damage to your furniture or drapes.

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